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2.006k 0829
Let’s see what I’ve been up to lately…

The Julien-K album “Death to Analog” is done. It was fabulously mixed by Tim Palmer for release early next year…

We’ve also been working on remixes for the album. Photek, Motor, The Virgin Tears vs. Fu, Bryan Black, Dave the Hustler, Jagz Kooner & Deadmau5 are a few of the remixers we have so far.
We also have a crazy video in the works…

2.005k 0804
Sorry this update took so long! Ryan Shuck & I have been really busy recording and writing new material for Julien-K, we now have 10 songs finished for the upcoming album, and have a few more songs left to complete. Julien-K has also become a production team with the additional programming & production expertise of Anthony "Fu" Valcic. Besides working on the Julien-K album, the JK production team is currently working on a number of projects including a solo album for Chester Bennington of Linkin Park.

2.004k 1101
The update is finally here! This update took a little longer to get up due to all the obstacles, like the second leg of the punk static tour, and so on. Let's get straight to the point, because I am really excited about all the improvements. This massive update includes:
  • Enhanced visuals and flash animations throughout the site
  • I added 4 Guitars, 2 Synths, and 2 pedals to the Collection
  • An exclusive interview with the guys at Yamaha Guitar

2.004k 0615
The first leg of the Orgy Punk Statik tour was great. I got to meet a lot of cool people on tour and would like to thank all the fans for their support.

I am going to do this update in a few sections over the next couple of weeks, so check back soon.

Now that I have time to work on my neglected website, you will get to see all the cool stuff we have planned for in this update. For the Collection I

2.004k 0225
The March update has arrived....... I have added lots of new equipment to the Collection. There are videos now in the Media section and new songs have been added in the Music Projects section under Coal Chamber and Julien-K. I have had a really great response to my site and a lot of emails. The Julien-K site is coming along and is due out soon, be sure to visit the message board. Punk Statik Paranoia became available yesterday and is also available for download at, iTunes and

2.004k 0123
Well, here it is I finally have my own web-site spreading my propaganda to the world! No not really....... I really always wanted to have a site where I could show off my guitar designs and my G-Synth collection as well as showcasing all the bands I've been lucky enough to work with and play in. I will be updating "The Collection" every month with detailed photos & info on guitars, G-Synths, and other gadgets I have collected over the years....... so be sure to check back monthly. My discography & resume


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