Andreas "Shark" Guitar

This guitar came about by a chance meeting at the NAMM show a few years back. I happened to be walking around the show and saw this booth with this really unusual looking guitar. I stopped to take a look and was approached by Andreas the Austrian creator of the guitar. We immediately hit it off and found out that we had a lot in common & became friends (see photo).To this day we still stay in touch and share our guitar/music ideas with each other. This guitar is really special because we made it with 24 frets, added the Roland internal GK-2 setup, the Dimarzio pickup and a custom paint scheme. It has a cool but very different tone because of the Aluminum fingerboard and head. This guitar was used a lot on the "Vapor Transmission" tour and on the Punk Statik Paranoia recording sessions……

Tech Specifications

Aluminum Fingerboard!!!
Aluminum Headstock
Maple Neck inlay (in back)
Alder body
Dimarzio Air Norton pickup
Internal GK-2 Synth Pickup and controls

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Andreas "Shark"
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