Charvel "Navy" Guitar

This is one of my prized possessions! Made from spare parts from "The Bone Room" as they called it (they were actually seconds) at the San Dimas factory back in my Rough Cutt days. This guitar along with the "Swedish" were made at the same time as touring guitars for me. I painted it camouflage like a Navy fighter I was (and still am) into camo paint jobs….. This paint scheme became my signature style back then and has been reproduced & copied many times by Jackson Guitars. There is a copy of it in the Los Angeles Hard Rock Café under the bar! This guitar plays and sounds amazing! I used it on the second RC album "Wants You" and most recently played it at the RC reunion show.

Tech Specifications

Ash body (I believe) I had Grover check it out for me…..
Bolt on Maple neck
Ebony fingerboard
Floyd Rose Tremolo
EMG 81 pickup
1 Volume knob

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