Gibson 1969 Les Paul Gold Top

I acquired this guitar from my friend Randy Skirvin who found it in a pawn shop for next to nothing! It needed some work but Randy saw the potential in it and new that I really wanted one because I always used to borrow his '55 Gold Top! So when I got it from him we brought it to Roger Giffin at the Gibson Custom Shop and had him bring it back to life. He replaced the broken bridge pickup, added new replacement parts & tuners & re-fretted it. Since then I've used this Les Paul on just about every record I've ever recorded! It's one of the best sounding / recording guitars I have ever used! I actually used this guitar as a tone starting point for my Yamaha AES-AD6 signature model.
Here's some of the project's it's been used on:
Coal Chamber, Spineshank, Red Tape & Orgy just to name a few...
This guitar was really hard to date but I've had a few experts look at it and they say it's a 1969 reissue with what seems to be a leftover '54 body fitted with '69 hardware & electronics! Pretty cool!!!! No wonder it sounds so good... I also heard they actually used real Copper in the Gold paint and that's why as it's been exposed to the elements it has turned Green around the edges!

Tech Specifications

One piece Mahogany set in neck
One piece Mahogany body
Two piece Maple top
Rosewood fingerboard
2 P-90 "Soapbar" pickups
Wraparound tail piece

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