Ibanez Bi-Mode Chorus Prototype

I luckily acquired this chorus box while working with Ibanez (thanks Rob) on some new pedal designs. This is what a pedal looks like before they squeeze everything into a little box! I've used this a lot and most recently used in on some guitar parts for the theme of Team Dark by Julien-K called "This Machine" that was included on the Sonic Heroes soundtrack and video game. It's basically two chorus pedals in one. One chorus has a faster rate then the other and you can combine them for interesting effects. I also own an original BC-9 Bi-Mode chorus which I think they were going to re-issue with this new design but didn't for some silly reason I ended up with the prototype… One of my favorite chorus pedals!

Tech Specifications

5 knobs
Mode 1/ 2/ 3
Speed 1
Depth 1
Speed 2
Depth 2
Chorus / Vibrato switch

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