Ibanez X-ING IMG2010 Guitar & MC1 Midi Converter

I bought this guitar off ebay when Orgy was recording Vapor Transmission. Besides looking really cool it has some unique features, one of which is an electronic whammy bar! It works just like a pitch wheel on a keyboard sending Midi control information but it looks and feels like a guitar whammy! Really cool! It also works with ANY 24 pin Roland G-Synths... This guitar came with the MC1, a one space rack mount 24 pin cable to Midi converter box...
I wanted to refinish this guitar and use it live with Orgy but I never got around to it. I would say the X-ING works as good or better than a Roland G707.

Tech Specifications

Maple body
Graphite reinforced Maple neck
Ebony fingerboard
Fully compatible with vintage Roland 24-pin Systems
The only guitar synth controller ever built that supports ALL FOUR Roland Control Voltages
Unique Midi whammy bar
Custom Ibanez bridge with integrated guitar synth pickups
Steinberger style headstock and design
Precision microtuners in bridge
Two Ibanez designed humbuckers
Continuous control over modulation depth (no awkward touch pads with intermittent operation)

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Ibanez X-ING IMG2010 & MC1 Midi Controller
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