White & Silver Jackson "Disrupter"

This was the fourth Disrupter I made and my favorite. The body is super light and I love the finish, it looks like plastic! The idea for this guitar popped into my head one morning while working on the album "Vapor Transmission" with Orgy. Immediately I made a REALLY rough sketch (see photo) and took it to Jackson and said I wanted to make this guitar! They surprisingly were into it. Also, on a side note Ryan helped me sketch that picture & come up with the Alien Hieroglyphic's idea used for inlays, thanks Ry!

So then I started experimenting with the guys at Jackson on body shapes and thicknesses. The Black & Red Disrupter that is in the Hard Rock Café is the thickest version we made while this one and my Silver & Red one are the thinnest. I don't know what really possessed me to make this guitar but I'm glad I did! Some people love it and others think it looks like a Beetle! I worked with Donnie Wade at Jackson to try and make this a signature guitar available only as a limited run of 25 or 30 but unfortunately it didn't happen. I've learned it's very difficult to do anything different when it comes to guitar design! It's an uphill battle for every one I come up with……

Tech Specifications

my rough sketch
Built in Roland GK2 synth pickup and controls
Custom Dimarzio Air Norton Pickup
Alder Body
Maple Neck
Maple Fingerboard (painted to match the body)
Alien Hieroglyphic inlays (still available in the Jackson catalog)
LSR Tuners

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