Jackson German Camo Double Neck

This was actually the second prototype double neck I made with Jackson as a backup to my original double neck guitar the "British" which was stolen from me at a Jailhouse show at the Country Club in the late 80's...
I always wanted a double neck guitar for some reason and I used to bug everyone at Jackson about it but Grover wasn't in to it? So I eventually went to Bernie at B.C. Rich and had a British Camouflaged painted Ironbird double neck started and it was almost finished...
But then it was mysteriously stolen before I ever got it!!!??? Which really sucked! So after all that Grover called me up and asked me to come out to San Dimas and make my stupid double neck! Mike Shannon and I came up with the attached but opposing headstocks & inlays and the half reverse strung 12-string with hidden tuners. Later on they actually made a limited factory run of this guitar! I don't know exactly how many were made but I remember C.C. DeVille of Poison & Steve Lynch of Autograph using them and the blind guitar wizard Jeff Healy also had one which he actually played sitting down with it in his lap! Awesome...

Tech Specifications

Alder side body pieces (I think)
Maple neck through body design
Ebony fingerboard
One EMG 81 per neck
One maser volume
One neck switcher
Custom Maltese cross inlays (like my Arch Top)
Painted like a German fighter jet of course...

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