Roswell Star

Also known as a Roswellian Star this was my return to designing guitars in the 90's with Jackson thanks to Donnie Wade and the team at the Ontario Factory. When we first started Orgy I was using the Roland G-707 & then I added the Parker Fly with the external GK-2A pickup setup. Those were both great guitars that I got a lot of use out of but I wanted something more uniquely mine. So I started working with Jackson to come up with a new Star body design based off their Roswell Flying V, which would have all my synth controls, built in for convenience. This is the final product of our work, which can be seen, in Orgy's first video, the remake of New Order's "Blue Monday".
I made 3 more of these, one 24 fret 6-string and two 7-strings (one for Ryan Shuck) but this one is still my favorite sounding one and it was also the first guitar I used the color changing paint. It switches from Purple to Blue and Gold depending on the angle you look at it
Really cool!!!!!
On a side note, when Orgy was on the Family Values Tour 1998 Wes Borland of Limp Bizkit offered to paint something on my guitar case for fun. So I said Yeah! That would be really awesome! I didn't know he was going to draw me! Thanks Wes…

Tech Specifications

Alder body
Maple neck
Ebony fingerboard
Rosewood fingerboard
Crop circle inlays
Tom Holmes pickup
LSR tuners
Roland internal GK-2 synth pickup setup

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