Korg X-911 Guitar Synthesizer & Korg MS-04 Modulation Pedal

I honestly have never used this Korg guitar synth yet… But it's the only G-Synth I have that you can plug any guitar into. It doesn't require any special synth pickup. You just plug any line level audio into it like vocals, drums, keyboards or guitar of course and go crazy. One of these days I'll get around to using it on something…

Here's what it says at www.sonicstate.com

“This is half an effects box and half keyboard. It is triggered by and processes external signals. It has cool distortion plus "Synthe Wah" If the TB-303 is "acid" the X-911 is "crack" It has external FM input, VCF freq. mod input, CV/Hz in's / outs, Trig in/outs. It has Attack Decay Attack (ADA) envelope & for the filter just Attack & Decay. This thing is amazing! You can flip from a twisted filtered input to the sound triggering a "303-ish" type synth. Or for some added "CHEEEZ" switch the balance on the "preset" side where you can use or combine bass, tuba (why?) trumpet, dist. guitar, violin & flute. This is a totally isolated synth from the "wave" based side. pulse, square, saw. Well to sum up this is a very unique piece! Very "dirty" sounding.”

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