Roland GR-1

I picked this unit up while working on “Vapor Transmission” and had a lot of fun playing around with it.... But I don’t remember what I used it on! It definitely had some cool & different patches than my GR-30 & GR-700 which were my main sound modules and controllers in Orgy. This was also one of the first units to use the GK-2A pickup setup so I could plug it right in to all my GK-2 equipped G-Synths even though it was an older model.


Tech Specs
  • 200 PCM tones, expandable to 400 with optional expansion board
  • Digital reverb, delay, chorus and flanging
  • Four-part multitimbral via MIDI / 2000 note internal sequencer
  • GK-2A Divided Pickup mounts on virtually any steel-string guitar
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