Roland GR-30

This G-Synth is the control center for my Orgy live rig. I've been using this synth since Orgy's first album Candyass. You can hear it on the songs: "Social Enemies", "Dissention", "Platinum", "Gender", "Blue Monday", "Pantomime" and "Revival" off Candyass. You can also hear the GR-30 on these songs off Vapor Transmission: "Vapor Transmission" (Intro), "The Odyssey", "Eyes-Radio-Lies", "Saving Faces" & "Where's Gerrold".
On the albums Vapor Transmission and Punk Statik Paranoia I started using the GR-30 more as a controller for other synth's namely a Roland JP-8080 and a Korg MS2000R which are in my live rack and can be seen on my tech page What is great about this G-Synth like the other Roland guitar synth's I have is that you can tune down to A# like we do in Orgy and it still tracks! Of course not as good as it would if I were tuned to A440 but in many cases I've been able to use the mistracking to my advantage...

Tech Specifications

384 instrument sounds (tones) including vintage analog synths, fat basses, nylon string guitars, organs, orchestral sounds, & various ethnic instruments. Triggering via optional GK-2A Divided Pickup or internal GK-2 pickup... Advanced programmable Arpeggiator allows for the creation of various arpeggios simply by holding down a guitar chord and strumming the strings Synth Harmonist feature adds "intelligent" harmony to a single note. Built-in reverb, delay, chorus and flanging effects...

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