Roland GR-700 Guitar Synthesizer

This is the pedal board that I acquired from Grover Jackson with a Silver & Black 707 guitar back in my Rough Cutt days. I actually have four of these that I've obtained over the years but one of them doesn't work so I use it for spare parts! I used this G-Synth quite extensively in Orgy and it can be heard on the songs "Stitches," "Fiend," "Fetisha," "Dizzy" and "All The Same" off Candyass and the songs "Eva" & "Dramatica" off Vapor Transmission. On Punk Statik Paranoia I used it on the songs "Leave Me Out" & "The Obvious." Many more sounds to come out of this great piece of gear……..

Tech Specifications

Compatible with the Roland G-707
Polyphony - 6 Voices
2 DCO's per voice
Can be used with PG-200 programmer
Chorus effect
32 preset 32 user memory
64 on a M-16C memory card
VCF resonant low pass
Midi out only
Roland JX-3P synth engine

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