Teuffel Tesla

I’ve wanted one of these guitars ever since I first played one at a NAMM show a few years back… I believe the paint has cotton in it so it has a really unique & smooth finish unlike anything I have ever felt. The shape, custom hardware and big recessed knobs really got my attention as well. I’m currently using this guitar onstage with Julien-K as my standard (A440) tuned guitar. My Yamaha Signature models are dropped tuned and long scale so I needed something new and fun to play in standard tuning. This guitar is very Fender Strat/Tele like in sound, but obviously way different in the looks department which is more my style… I’m really digging it! You would think it might be hard to play because of the shape, but it’s actually very easy to get used to…
“A project for a guitar for industrial music”.
“The functioning-spectrum of the instrument will be broadened through additional possibilities of operation”.
(Two quotes from Uli’s site about the Tesla)

Ulrich Teuffel makes these in Germany by hand…
Amazing! Check out his site here: http://www.teuffel.com
Ulrich Teuffel
Ulrich Teuffel


Tech Specifications

The headless neck through body is made of bird's eye maple with glow in the dark fret markers.

The body side pieces are made of alder.
The strings are easily installed by the ball-ends. Normal strings can be used and it tunes at the rear of the guitar.
Two hand wound pickups... The bridge pickup is a humbucker and the neck pickup is a divided single coil which is also hum canceling.

Three momentary push-button controls for feedback, 60 cycle hum and one that interrupts the sound...

One volume for each pickup (custom) and one master tone knob. It usually comes with just a master volume. I wanted to be able to use the pickup switch like an on/off switch like I do with my Les Paul, by leaving the neck volume off…

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