Vintage 60's Univibe

I purchased this from a local music store in the late 90's. I've used it on a number of recordings I produced like Spineshank's first album "Strictly Diesel". This is one of the fabled Jimi Hendrix pedals, as Hendrix used it on a number of songs. Robin Trower's "Bridge of Sighs" is practically a Univibe anthem & David Gilmore of Pink Floyd used one of these also...
The Univibe is a phaser or phase shifter. It's one of the earliest of the footpedal phasers, and was implemented in discrete transistors, instead of the opamps that most later phasers like the MXR Phase 90 would use.
I got this unit at a reasonable price in perfect condition with the rate control pedal intact. These days the Univibe has become quite a collectors item...

Tech Specifications

Speed control pedal with on/off switch
Volume control
Intensity control
Chorus/Vibrato mode switch

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