Yamaha SLG100S Silent Guitar

One of the coolest looking guitars Yamaha has ever made in my opinion… Mine is the steel string version. I had Yamaha refinish the body and neck in a custom color and add new black barrel tuners to make it more “me” ha-ha. We did some recording recently on a new Julien-K song that required an acoustic guitar part and this guitar sounded great! Built in reverb and a headphone jack, plus it comes apart for easy transportation… Super cool! You can take it anywhere as it runs on batteries as well… If you’re looking to eliminate feedback onstage from using a full size acoustic guitar, this thing can’t be beat. Plus it looks waaaaaaaay cooler!


Tech Specifications

Composite frame

Set in Mahogany neck with Rosewood fingerboard
Maple body and rest
Rosewood bridge

Pickups by L.R. Baggs

Controls AUX IN w/ Level Control, Line Out, Phones Out, Volume, Bass, Treble, Reverb (Off/1/2), On/Off Switch

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