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The update is finally here! This update took a little longer to get up due to all the obstacles, like the second leg of the punk static tour, and so on. Let's get straight to the point, because I am really excited about all the improvements. This massive update includes:
  • Enhanced visuals and flash animations throughout the site
  • I added 4 Guitars, 2 Synths, and 2 pedals to the Collection
  • An exclusive interview with the guys at Yamaha Guitar Development (Thanks to Kynan and Josh)
  • More Banners and AIM Icons
  • Lots of photos added to the gallery: Rough Cutt, the early years, Jailhouse, guitars I used to own, my live rig and more live PSP tour pics.
  • Total Revamp of the News/Front Page
  • Total Revamp of the Tech Section
  • In the media section I have added the video "Fiend", from Orgy's first ever live show in Oklahoma City.
  • One of the coolest items is the new message board. This is a forum for guitars, design, Gear, synths, recording and music. It is a totally separate message board from the Julien-K board, however you can use your Julien-K login and pass to access the board. I have moved the tech topics from the JK board to the new AD board. You better like it!
I will no longer be accepting e-mail or FTP submitted demos, however I am still taking demos, you just have to send it to the address listed in the SUBMIT DEMO section. Thanks for all the demos I have received.

As far as Julien-K goes, Ryan and I are currently recording the new album, do for release sometime in 2005. The songs are really coming together, and we are really excited about the project. Be looking for the Julien-K website to be updated/revamped in 2005 as well. We have a lot in store for you!!!

On the Orgy front, our drummer Bobby Hewitt is hard at work making the Orgy DVD with all kinds of exclusive never seen before footage. This should release in Feb. of 2005. We are also talking about doing a new Orgy album, so stay tuned......

The next AD update is planned for first quarter 2005, and here are a couple of ideas that we are kicking around.
  • More Exclusive Interviews
  • History and Photo Gallery of of the my Jackson Disruptor
  • I will be adding a section to the Collection for my amplifiers
  • A photo gallery of my PSP Yamaha tour Guitars during construction and after.
  • and much much more
Thanks for all the support and emails about the site, and it was really fantastic to see and meet all of you on our recent tours.


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